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Our Features Include:


HectorWare is now more secure than ever, with two factor authentication, keep your data safe every time through simple notifications, simple CSP and VF3.


HectorWare now has offers for mobile subscribers, edit documents on the go or while you are away, with a new look on the network and other design improvements, HectorWare now loads 2-3 times faster, enjoy automatic conversion of PDF along with much, much more.

Work with others

HectorWare has integrated communications, allowing you to work with team members while talking or over video call.

Under Your Control

HectorWare gives you control over your IT processes, if your company uses email attachments, public chat applications, tools for user file sharing, or any type of phone service for communication and collaboration. 

HectorWare offers your company the tools you need to maintain your cloud-based solutions and increase your productivity.

Use our existing infrastructure to protect your IT investments

HectorWare will help you achieve compliance, safety and flexibility

Have control of your data, where is it? Who has access to it? And how is it used?

Gain safety in cooperation and communications throughout your ventures


With your own servers, protect, control, monitor data and communications at any time. With no worries about leaking or even metadata.


Whether you are in the office or on the road with HectorWare enact productivity on any type of platform, to share, support and communicate throughout your company. HectorWare allows for transparent access to data for any type of storage.


Enjoy no lock in payments, HectorWare offers an advanced and transparent, fully open sourced model with regular developments made to it from the active community. Whenever you need help you can expect the support you need from HectorWare wonderful community.


The HectorWare application is a lifesaver! It is streamline, attractive, and super easy to navigate. For protecting, controlling and monitoring data there really is no better application.

Thiago Santo


Very easy to use! Working with HectorWare is a breeze. I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of HectorWare. If you are on the fence, just give it a shot you won’t regret it!

Matthew Wintle

Bright Star Team

I would like to personally thank HectorWare for your phenomenal product. HectorWare is everything I need. Thank you for making difficult situations painless, pleasant and not to forget most of all stress free!

Katherine K. Anderson


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